Work Plan

The work plan of the OrChESTRA Project has been designed to demonstrate an effective twining action in the microfluidics area via completion of 6 work packages (WPs) by 4 partners, in 36 months.

WP1 focuses on enhancing S&T excellence capacity and research profile of ODTÜ MEMS and its researchers with direct support of the advanced partners through two-way mobility, on-site/virtual trainings and summer/winter school type education activities.

WP2 aims to enhance institutional capacity of ODTÜ MEMS through best-practice sharing workshops, mentoring and dedicated training activities for strengthening the research management and administration skills of the staff to ensure ODTÜ MEMS Center attain its full scientific and technological capacity. As a small-scale joint research project,

WP3 is a well-formulated starting point for strengthening the commitment and the long-term collaboration of the twinning partners to develop new promising R&I domains and test novel approaches.

WP4 involves the engagement of research and networking efforts of the twinning partners in line with the OrChEStra common roadmap to be defined for diversified collaboration opportunities and stronger linkages with the relevant regional and international stakeholders/networks.

WP5 deals with the implementation of the dissemination, exploitation and communication plan via shared responsibilities of the twinning partners throughout and even after the project duration for wider impact.

WP6 focuses on project management and coordination, ensuring that the tasks are performed in high quality within the projected time schedule and budget and the objectives are achieved through an efficient twinning partnership.